Eric Baskind

“I instructed Eric Baskind as an Expert Witness to advise Prison Officers (whose Union I represented) on Home Office methods of Control & Restraint in countless pieces of litigation with considerable success in what were at the time ground breaking claims. His vast knowledge of the subject and outstanding professional approach made him a formidable Expert Witness respected and admired even by our opponents.” Frank Rogers, Director & Head of Business Development, Brown Turner Ross Solicitors.

“Mr Baskind’s report is a model of its kind – clear, well-reasoned and logically set out. I am very grateful indeed to Mr Baskind for the time and care he has taken”. Martial arts case involving significant injuries. Note from David Knifton of Counsel.

“I am more than happy to recommend Mr Baskind. I can confidently say that the evidence of the nature produced by Mr Baskind can make the difference between winning or losing a finely balanced and contested case. It will certainly make the other side sit up and consider their position very carefully. Simply put you want this gentleman on your team rather than being on the opponent’s. I have always found Mr Baskind to be extremely helpful, with a great work ethic and a pleasure to deal with”. Philip Coulthurst. Solicitor. Tranters Freeclaim Solicitors.

“Mr Baskind was an absolute star. He talked with authority about training techniques wonderful stuff going directly to the issues in the case. Mr Baskind was completely unshaken by anything put to him by the Prosecutor.” Allegation of assault against serving police officer while making arrest. Extract from instructing solicitor’s letter acting for Defendant.

“I could not prepare a CV as impressive as Mr Baskind’s”. Assault case. Martial arts techniques at issue. Instructed by Prosecution. Extract from Defendant’s Expert’s report.

“I am faced with evidence from two experts, Mr Baskind for the Defendant and Mr X for the claimant. Counsel invites me to conclude that these are each experts in their field who have come to differing conclusions. I have considered the expert evidence carefully. It is a matter for the court to exercise its discretion in weighing up the quality of that expert evidence. One factor in doing so is the experience of the experts and it is evident to me that both gentlemen are extremely experienced within their field. Another factor is the independence of the experts. In that respect it must be said that Mr Baskind has a manifestly broader-based experience in the field of control and restraint [compared to Mr X]. Of the greatest importance in weighing up the expert evidence is the quality of the reports themselves. Considering the report of Mr X, the way in which it addresses questions is, in my view, far from ideal. By contrast, the report of Mr Baskind argues and reasons fully the issues in the techniques adopted by the Prison Service.” Claim brought by prison officer following injuries sustained during Control & Restraint training. Extract from Judgment.

“Mr Baskind’s evidence was persuasive and compelling. His report was comprehensive and clear. He demonstrated his experience in the witness box under heavy cross-examination. His advice to us prior to issuing proceedings was invaluable and enabled Counsel to draft the Particulars of Claim with the level of technical detail needed.” Claim brought by male against Police alleging assault by police officers during arrest. Extract from instructing solicitor’s letter.”

Dr Anthony Bleetman

“I just wanted to show you our appreciation on the work you provided on behalf of Hillside Secure Children Home. Due to your extensive knowledge and experience you have been able to provide the structured tool that we have been able to embed within our training manual. By medically auditing  our Restrictive Physical Intervention techniques, we have ensured the safety and wellbeing of all our children within the limits and guidelines of the law. This hasn’t only satisfied ourselves but also our regulatory bodies. You have also gone over and beyond the support and guidance which sometimes has required a prompt response due to the nature of the children within our care (for example the medical statement and advice you provided for the removal of ligatures). We would just like to say thank you and that we look forward to working with you in the future.” Sian Bibbs/Lisa Pridmore, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

“Dr Bleetman is an experienced and respected medical expert who provides clear, succinct, balanced reports and risk assessments in relation to the management of violence and aggression. I first became aware of his work when we were both trustees of the Control & Restraint (General Services) Association. At that time Dr Bleetman, along with his colleague Peter Boatman, provided invaluable advice and support to a number of training organisations. They also made a contribution to the review into the routine use of force in the juvenile justice service, which was commissioned by the UK Government following the death of Gareth Myatt, in 2004. More recently, I have worked with him to improve the quality of training and reduce unnecessary risk, restraint and restriction in health and children’s services. He is always willing to constructively challenge existing practices but also change his own opinion if the balance of evidence changes. He brings a practical, realistic perspective to risk assessment, recognising that there are often no zero risk options. By highlighting the relative medical risks associated with the different scenarios presented to him, he enables providers to consider and select the best available risk reduction measures, paying due regard to the particular circumstances of the service setting concerned.” Bernard Allen  B.A, Psy., P.G.C.E., D.A.E.S., M.B.P.S. Training Consultant and Expert Witness

“I have known Tony for almost thirty years, ever since he trained as a police defensive tactics instructor under the late Inspector Peter Boatman. Tony didn’t have to undertake this intensive two week course but he instinctively knew that if he was going to speak with any authority about police use of force then he needed to understand it from the inside-out and from the practitioners’ perspective. He brought a much needed medical expertise to the police when they had to resort to using restraint skills and his diligent methodology has undoubtedly made this intrinsically risky undertaking safer over the years. He has always endeavoured to assist finding better and safer ways for the police to meet their  constantly changing new challenges. Throughout this time he has always combined his decades of experience with an openness to new ideas and an inquisitive mindset that always asked: “How can we make this better?” British policing would, without a doubt, be a more dangerous environment without his invaluable expertise and dedication.” Rob Welsford, Police Instructor (retired)

“I initially met Dr Bleetman as a result of a recommendation made to me by the late and great Peter Boatman when I was looking for someone to medically review and assess our training programme. Tony is the only person I will go to for our medical reviews and medical risk assessments for the following reasons: Tony is unique in this field. He is possibly the only medical professional I know who actually understands the different and broad spectrums of operational environments that the physical skills are used in, the value of reporting and the difficulties of training adult learners in skills that they need to have taught to them, such as: the police service, mental health, children’s homes, healthcare settings, educational environment, and this is because he has actually taken part in many of the programmes he reviews. Tony also understands the importance of the demographic differences so his medical reviews and risk assessments will take into consideration the fitness levels of your staff, what the population are that your staff are managing, the impact of the environment they are working in, what’s happened in the last year and where you want to get to. This helps you (and organisations like yours) understand more clearly what you need (as opposed to what you may think you want), which will help you plan for and reduce the risk from any potential foreseeable harm, injury or death that could have possibly occur as a result of your staff using force. This stops you wasting time and money on having someone teaching unnecessary skills and helps your organisation save money in terms of direct costs, by producing a shorter and more efficient training programme, as well as the unreported indirect costs, such as fewer staff off sick due to unnecessary injury, less complaints, less litigation, less legal fees, etc.  In addition, by working in partnership with Tony I have been able to go into organisations who are having issues with their current skill set, discuss the issues with the staff and management, identify the skills gap and the solution, produce the necessary paperwork (including the risk assessment), video the technique that has been developed, send that to Tony and get that specific technique medically approved within a day. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a medical review because I don’t know any other medical professional anywhere who has the knowledge of our industry combined with a broader and in-depth understanding of all of the other factors I have mentioned above.” Mark Dawes, Director, NFPS Ltd.

“I first met Dr Bleetman in 1998, in his capacity as Chief Surgeon for Northants Police, and when he assisted on an Officer Safety train-the-trainer event, which my agency was running. At the time, I worked as the Senior Instructor and policy expert for Use of Force, for the detection wing of HM Customs & Excise. HM Customs Operational Anti-Smuggling Directorate had committed to a fundamental change in its cultural and technical approach to arrest and restraint training. Tony became a highly valued and influential advocate for greater awareness amongst frontline staff, and their strategic leaders, of the injury implications and impacts of arrest and restraint techniques on both the officer and subject. He provided robust models for forensic evidence collecting, when diagnosing use of force incidents, and provided operational staff and managers with a far better understanding of the medical implications of dynamic skills in both training and operational environments. His tireless support of the training and policy development to HMC&E, which endured throughout the ultimate evolution of UK Border Force, delivered much needed and timely influence on a rapidly transforming organisation. The scope and scale of his contributions to this discrete but highly impactive aspect of law enforcement cannot be overstated.” A Kirk, Senior Assurance Manager – Home Office (retired).

Peter Turner

“I have had the pleasure of working with Pete on several projects over more than a decade. On each occasion the experience has been notably positive. As a practitioner his value base very much to the fore in everything he does. As a clinical lead for violence reduction he promoted a strategic and reflective approach to delivering safer services for those with lived experience and staff. As lead for developing the High Secure Services Manual he successfully managed a complex project with multiple stakeholders delivering significant innovation and ultimately improvements in care. I would therefore strongly recommend him both for his expertise in relation to the prevention and safer management of violence but also project management.” Dr Brodie Paterson. Clinical Director, CALM Training.

“I have had the privilege of working with Pete for a number of years and have been impressed by his integrity. A unique and highly professional individual in his field who is totally committed to patient care and safety as well as that of his work colleagues. Open minded and forever looking for improvements in his field of expertise. A pleasure to work alongside both in an professional manner as well as personal.” Nick Gray, FlexStretcher Product Specialist.

“Pete works in a co-produced way with staff and patients in the hospital to improve the patient experience. In collaboration with colleagues a reducing restrictive interventions plan is continually evaluated and reviewed. Pete works closely with his peers in other secure units and in general mental health services to ensure that the training staff receive in the prevention and management of violence and aggression mirrors best practice guidelines.” Leeanne McGee, Executive Director, High Secure and Forensic Services, West London NHS Trust, Broadmoor Hospital.

“Since joining HSICU I have had the pleasure to work alongside Pete as he supports our clinical and Management team closely in providing first class care to Broadmoor’s most high risk patients. Pete has provided the team with up to date knowledge, strategies and planning in a highly professional manor which has had a lasting impact in how as a team we perceive risk. This has been most useful in creating a culture which empowers staff to break down barriers, see beyond the risk and create optimism and hope as we work very closely with our patients and family during their road to recovery.” Ben Horton, Mental Health Practitioner, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust.

“I can thoroughly recommend Peter as a dedicated professional who has helped change the way we teach, use and think about physical interventions. He has always been a huge personal support to me and my team and he continues to do so.” Robert Pollock, Physical Intervention Lead, Solent NHS Trust.

“Well respected as an expert on management of violence and aggression and as a leader of a top class team of professionals.” Tom Hayhoe, Chairman, West London NHS Trust.

“I have known and worked with Peter over the past 20 years. I have worked with him directly as a senior employee of West London Mental Health NHS Trust, and as an external advisor within various groups and national bodies. Peter has developed both professionally and personally in to a national leader and an innovative trailblazer for exemplar practice locally. Peter has a calm, intelligent, practical and thoughtful manner, is considerate of other people’s views, opinions and experience but has developed a clarity of purpose in ensuring service users are at the heart of everything he does or leads. His department at Broadmoor has grown in stature and cutting edge practice, working alongside clinical colleagues to ensure high quality outcomes. Peter’s contribution and leadership on a national level have yielded unprecedented results thus far.” Andy Johnston, Clinical Director at AndyJohnstonAssociates.

“Pete is recognised nationally for his inspirational leadership in developing strategy and tactics to reduce violence and aggression by persons suffering from mental disorder. By focusing on the human aspects, rather than the physical aspects of threatened violence Pete has defined the future methodology in negotiation and where necessary restraint. Providing guidance to command teams for incidents of concerted indiscipline and individual acts of extreme or threaten violence, Pete has the trust and confidence of the Trust Leadership Team. In managing the delivery of all PMVA training, Pete inspires the confidence of those that find themselves often in difficult and demanding incidents that could result in harm to themselves or others. I cannot commend Pete enough for his personal commitment and enthusiasm to all that he does and has achieved”. John Hourihan MVO, Director of Security, Broadmoor Hospital.