PMVA Endorsement

Safe l Caring l Secure™

The SWC ‘Safe l Caring l Secure’™ rating and endorsement scheme for training and safe practice in Violence, Aggression & Other Challenging Behaviours is the Gold Standard for assessing the work done by Organisations to look after their staff and patients’ safety, security and wellbeing.

It reviews the physical intervention, restrictive and coercive practices used by Organisations against new criteria, all assessed against a human rights, least restrictive, person-centred approach and demonstrating a commitment to minimising restrictive practices.

It then provides a rating from 1 star to 5 stars with an endorsement at 4 and 5 star ratings.

The process and the benefits

1. Overseen and conducted by the UK’s leading experts

2. Explores the safety, efficacy and appropriateness of selected physical skills and specialist equipment

3. Supports a continuous review of restrictive and physical interventions

4. Integral to local, national and international legal and ethical frameworks and reduction strategies

5. Aims to enhance the safe reduction of the unnecessary use of all kinds of restrictive and physical interventions

6. Creates a trusted collaboration of shared expertise and innovation

7. Serious incident reviews by independent experts

8. 12 months of continuous support